Ticinum Hangar is a community-driven space where locals and others come together through various activities. The space should act like an extension of your living room, filled with friends, music, games, movies, food, markets, exhibitions, and a lot more. Social bonds are what make life meaningful, and therefore, we want to create an atmosphere where these bonds become stronger. 

From hangar to ruin to new purpose, we want to emphasize the memory of this building and preserve every epoch as its own readable layer. The architecture works as a scenery for the life that happens inside. It carefully preserves the old building structure by having a new one supporting it from the inside. New roofs, windows, and a selection of colors bring new life to the building that also intrigues nature to keep growing. 

When you arrive, you will walk into the main hall with homely furniture. This is where we hang out, play games, hold meetings, take coffee breaks, and eat dinner together. Above the main hall, you’ll find the workshop rooms. This is where we go into depth, get creative, and become wiser. You’ll find events such as life drawing, yoga, instrument classes, and workspaces. Underneath the building, you’ll find ”the Playground”. This is the green and active space where table tennis, basket, and vegetable gardening are happening.
Title: Ticinum Hangar
Year: 2021
Site: -
Client: TerraViva
Type: Competition (Finalist)
Collab: Adam Marcel Nilse
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