At the OPEN Festival 2023, hosted by Aarhus School of Architecture, I collaborated with SLETH architects to present our innovative mycelium-based wall prototype, 'Biopladen', for the “Solidary Components” exhibition, which showcased ongoing work with biogenic materials. 

The project aims to replace chipboards with a biogenic building material, ‘Biopladen’, and potentially transform a huge market and make a substantial difference towards the environment. ‘Biopladen’, which consists of 50% mycelium and 50% organic substrate of leftover materials from the agricultural industry, is 100% compostable and emits 0 kg CO2-eq/m3.

This development project is a collaborative effort involving Horn Bordplader, Søren Jensen Consulting Engineering, and SLETH. I have been contributing to research on mycelium and preparing the design of the wall prototype for the exhibition.
Title: Biopladen
Year: 2023
Site: Aarhus School of Architecture, Aarhus DK
Client: OPEN Festival
Type: Research & Exhibition
Collab: SLETH Architects
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