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    A012     Storytelling Architecture
    A011     Mycelium Prototype Wall
    A010     Hypha
    A009     Weaving Palace
    A008     Collective Digest
    A007     Ticinum Hangar
    A006     Weiterbauen
    A005     The Immersive Institution
    A004     The Future of Svalbard
    A003     Grosser Garten Stage
    A002     Community Center
    A001     Wooden Pavilion

    F004     Idak wedding
    F003     Nature Celebration
    F002     Handkerchiefs
    F001     Recipe Friends

    R003    Reflecting Symbiotic Commons
    R002    Symbiotic Commons
    R001    Cooking New Materials

Matilda (she/her, b.1995, Stockholm) is a Denmark-based architect and researcher. Specializing in sustainability, her approach to design involves discovering materials from source to space and the interdisciplinary entanglements the materials are a part of. She is committed to ecological principles and post-anthropocentric philosophies, aiming to create designs that are constantly imagining alternatives for our reality.  Her goal is to create immersive and transformative experiences for visitors, reflecting her innovative thinking and dedication to pushing the boundaries of design.Matilda has experience working on diverse projects, from research to built structures, and she prefers to collaborate across different disciplines to achieve diverse outcomes. Her most recent project was exploring symbiotic commons in neighborhoods and was exhibited at GRASP and Copenhagen Architecture Festival (CAFx) 2023.

Portfolio + CV Available Upon Request.


VOLA 2023

CEBRAprisen 2023


GRASP Festival (
Presentation and discussion on `Reflecting Symbiotic Commons´.

Copenhagen Architecture Festival (
Presentation of  `Symbiotic Commons´ in combination with several initiated events.

Presentation of  `Collective Digest´ and panel discussion on the future of our profession in relation to climate change at Aarhus School of Architecture.


Master in Arts of Architecture (2021-2023)
Sustainable architecture and material experimental education at Aarhus School of Architecture.

Documentary Film Course (2022)
Learning about documentary film, making short films, and documenting my surroundings at Københavns Kunstskole

Bachelor in Arts of Architecture (2016-2019) 
Habitation and built environment studio at Aarhus School of Architecture.


Creative Director
Graphic Designer

Workplaces: SLETH Architects, Boris Brorman, Energimuseet, iOvermogen, Atelier Fanelsa, Arkitektskolen Aarhus, Kårk, HAY.