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A002    Community Center
  • Type:     Bachelor Project Proposal
  • Year:     2019
  • Site:     Feldballe, 8410 Rønde DK
  • Client:   -
  • Collab:   Aarhus School of Architecture


It is a common sight to see community centers in use in various parts of the world. They have fulfilled a variety of roles in communities for a number of years. This project’s focus is on the design of a community center for a rural town in Denmark. The design answers a lot of questions. It’s a proposal for how we can rethink community centers and maybe look at them on a larger scale. 

What architectural potential is there in this typology?
How can the congregation’s character and strength be rethought and interpreted to a contemporary situation? 
What features do today’s and future community houses contain? 

The question is how places and spaces can be designed to encourage meetings, strengthen cohesion, and give special experiences.