This interactive art installation was a part of iOvermorgen’s exhibition “Why so Wordy?” in Aarhus in April 2022. During the opening day of the exhibition, the installation performed as an exercise for performative food installation took place. It served to hang crispy kale chips and bread that could be dipped in olive oil, wild garlic oil, and beetroot salt. Visitors were welcome to take a piece of leftover fabric to use as their napkins while they interacted with the installation. After use, the napkins were hung on chains in metal hooks. Which in itself ended up as an artifact that illustrated the meal as a hanging ”piece of meat”. 

The food installation was made of only locally sourced products, reused fabrics, and seasonal food. The idea was to illustrate a meal with a low carbon footprint and with only fabric napkins as leftovers that can be washed and used again. 

Materials: Reused fabric, metal chains, metal hooks, organic olive oil, wild garlic oil, beetroot salt, bread, crispy kale chips

100 x 50 cm
Title: Handkerchiefs
Year: 2022
Site: Aarhus Scooter, Klostergade 74 8000 Aarhus DK
Client: iOvermorgen
Type: Exhibition
Collab: Adam Marcel Nilsen
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