“Walpurgis Feast” was a designed dinner experience that delved into the profound connection between nature, witchcraft, and seasonal herbs, inspired by the historical and cultural practices associated with Valborg's evening, also known as Walpurgis Night.

Taking place on April 30th, Valborg's evening is a festive occasion traditionally celebrated as a transition from winter to spring, intertwined with themes of witchcraft and protection against malevolent spirits. Participants of  "Nature of Nature" were invited to gather around a meal, bonfires, mirroring the traditional customs, and partake in rituals, songs, dances, and festivities. The ancient art of witchcraft has always been intimately connected to the forces of nature, with witches utilizing various herbs and plants in their magical practices, many of which possess healing and medicinal properties.

“Walpurgis Feast” provided a unique opportunity to commemorate the arrival of spring and revel in the beauty of nature. Exploring the rich heritage of witchcraft and its profound connection to the natural world, the experience allowed participants to reflect on the significant impact these practices have had on our culture and history. The dinner featured a carefully curated menu incorporating herbs that hold symbolic importance in witchcraft rituals. These herbs not only add flavor to the dishes but also serve as a testament to the enduring legacy of witches and their intricate relationship with nature.

650 x 100 cm
Title: Walpurgis Feast
Year: 2023
Site: Glorupvej 24, 5853 Ørbæk DK
Client: Europa Refugiet
Type: Food installation
Collab: Adam Marcel Nilsen
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