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A003    Grosser Garten Stage
  • Type:     Research
  • Year:     2019
  • Site:     Gerswalde, Germany GE
  • Client:   Verlag Matthes & Seitz
  • Type:     Built
  • Collab:   Atelier Fanelsa


Großer Garten Stage was designed and built during my internship at Atelier Fanelsa for the Kettengespräch talk series by Verlag Matthes & Seitz (Berlin) during the Systemsturz Festival. The stage is part of Atelier Fanelsa’s Grosser Garten Ensemble which is a transformation of a former plant nursery in rural Brandenburg into a new center for organic farming and temporary living. A cafe, a hostel with holiday apartments, a house combined with a shop, a studio, and this stage are some of the first interventions.

The stage is built out of timber connected by blue bolts and a platform painted with a natural red color.