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A010    Hypha: Structure of (de)growth
  • Type:     Competition
  • Year:     2023
  • Site:     Kunsthal Charlottenborg
  • Client:   CHART Art Fair
  • Collab:   Alette Avsnes


Hypha celebrates the wide network of relationships and co-creation that fungi build in nature and seeks to promote coexistence and embrace diversity. In most fungi, hyphae are the main mode of vegetative growth and are collectively called mycelium, which is the underground structure of mushrooms. They are the true masters at structures, recycling, and communication. By utilizing FungaFarm’s mycelium waste as a valuable resource, Hypha embraces a diverse material palette that combines organic and non-organic materials to challenge traditional uniformity. This approach creates a sustainable aesthetic that celebrates the natural beauty and diversity of materials.

Hypha communicates as a bar by harnessing the potential offered by nature and operating within a circular system that takes into account the needs of the community, ecology, and economy.

By recognizing the interconnectedness of all living beings, Hypha aims to create a narrative about how life processes can inform design possibilities of coexistence.

Hypha [noun]: One of the threads that make up the mycelium of a fungus increases by apical growth.