The Reflecting Symbiotic Commons project was born out of the need to explore alternative ways of living and working that promote regenerative and democratic architectural development. It seeks to raise social awareness of untapped synergies and symbiotic relationships in urban environments. Collaborating with Copenhagen Architecture Festival, the project focuses on symbiotic connections within the Meatpacking District of Copenhagen, aiming to connect people and bridge different perspectives to stimulate new narratives.

By activating possible connections among the various actors in the district, the project aims to strengthen the identity and sense of place, promoting awareness not only of its material qualities but also its immaterial significance. The project creates experiences for commons that foster a sense of care for each other, encourage unexpected meetings, and facilitate collective planning for the future.

As a reflection of symbiotic relationships in an urban neighborhood, the project poses questions about the latent possibilities within the local environment, hidden opportunities for collaboration, and how these can be visualized and activated. Ultimately, it strives to inspire a more regenerative and inclusive society.
Title: Symbiotic Commons
Year: 2023
Site: Kødbyen, Copenhagen DK
Client: Copenhagen Architecture Festival
Type: Exhibition, Event, Graphic
Collab: Bodil Eiterstraum
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