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R003    Reflecting Symbiotic Commons
  • Type:     Research and exhibition
  • Year:     2023
  • Site:     Musicon, Roskilde DK
  • Client:   GRASP Festival
  • Collab:   Bodil Eiterstraum


How can we make visible the interconnectedness between local actors in neighborhoods? And could this visualization inspire new, productive relations? 

This installation displays our research findings on neighborhood dynamics within Musicon, Roskilde DK. This method of investigation builds upon our prior exploration conducted in Kødbyen, Copenhagen, as a part of the Copenhagen Architecture Festival (CAFx).

The installation highlights actors and their interconnectedness within the boundaries of the neighborhood. By offering insight into the individuals and activities shaping the neighborhood, the installation strives to cultivate a heightened social awareness regarding the area's intrinsic value.

Furthermore, it aspires to stimulate meaningful discussions concerning the future evolution of Musicon