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    R003    Reflecting Symbiotic Commons
    R002    Symbiotic Commons
    R001    Cooking New Materials

R002    Symbiotic Commons
  • Type:     Research and exhibition
  • Year:     2023
  • Site:     Kødbyen, Copenhagen DK
  • Client:   Copenhagen Architecture Festival
  • Collab:   Bodil Eiterstraum


What are the latent possibilities within the local environment? 

Through a collaboration with Copenhagen Architecture Festival, we have explored symbiotic connections within the boundaries of “Kødbyen”. In short, the project acts as a reflection of symbiotic relationships, and the curated event is our reflection on these found relations.

Our ambition was to stimulate a holistic understanding of symbiotic relations and regenerative infrastructures within urban contexts. Ultimately, striving for a social awareness around possible synergies and relationships everywhere around us, connections and resources that are currently untapped. By creating experiences for commons, we seek to strengthen a sense of taking care of each other, cultivate unexpected meetings, and the making of collective plans for the future. 

Kødbyen consists of a multitude of connections and meanings (social, material, etc). Activating more of these possible connections could strengthen the identity and sense of place, creating a heightened awareness of the significance of the area; not only its material qualities but also the immaterial.