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    A012     Storytelling Architecture
    A011     Mycelium Prototype Wall
    A010     Hypha
    A009     Weaving Palace
    A008     Collective Digest
    A007     Ticinum Hangar
    A006     Weiterbauen
    A005     The Immersive Institution
    A004     The Future of Svalbard
    A003     Grosser Garten Stage
    A002     Community Center
    A001     Wooden Pavilion

    F004     Idak wedding
    F003     Nature Celebration
    F002     Handkerchiefs
    F001     Recipe Friends

    R003    Reflecting Symbiotic Commons
    R002    Symbiotic Commons
    R001    Cooking New Materials

A004    The Future of Svalbard
  • Type:     Competition Proposal
  • Year:     2019
  • Site:     Svalbard
  • Client:   120 Hours
  • Collab:   Marcus Yngwe and Alette Avsnes


The Norwegian architecture competition called 120 Hours is a competition in which students are given 120 hours to solve a complex and socially relevant issue through architecture. The 2019 assignment was to create a narrative about a character that moves to Svalbard and create a structure, building, or intervention that this person would use. The second part of the assignment was to illustrate a settlement or community living one hundred years later in this design. It was necessary to discuss why one would live on Svalbard, with some of the strangest geopolitical, climatic, temporal, social, and natural conditions on the globe. 

The following drawings are my proposal for the assignment that I created with two of my friends, Marcus and Alette.