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    A005     The Immersive Institution
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A005    The Immersive Institution
  • Type:     Project Proposal
  • Year:     2020
  • Site:     Egholm, 9000 Aalborg DK
  • Client:   -
  • Collab:   Tutor Alicia Lazzaroni


Digital interfaces such as the screens of our smartphones, VR goggles, and AR lenses are now the portals through which we access our digital lives. According to the reports of the XR Association, by the year 2025, augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality—will be as utility as mobile devices. This presents an interesting challenge to develop innovative ways through which we can expand our knowledge and relationships in these domains. What is the potential of digital environments, and how can they be designed with material, social, spatial, and sustainable considerations in mind? How does architecture for digital institutions create new forms of organization that respond to future challenges?

This project explores how we can experience and learn from immersive technologies through the means of new formats of experiences. It describes how immersive technologies within architecture can transform the way we experience our surroundings through a learning environment inspired by the typology of a library.

We are drastically overshooting safe planetary boundaries. Therefore I have chosen to focus on the six worst fragile Nordic environments for this project. These environments are reconstructed in a real and virtual space for the visitors of the library to be able to experience them with several senses. In the hope that it will give them an understanding of how important it is to take better care of our planet.