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    A012     Storytelling Architecture
    A011     Mycelium Prototype Wall
    A010     Hypha
    A009     Weaving Palace
    A008     Collective Digest
    A007     Ticinum Hangar
    A006     Weiterbauen
    A005     The Immersive Institution
    A004     The Future of Svalbard
    A003     Grosser Garten Stage
    A002     Community Center
    A001     Wooden Pavilion

    F004     Idak wedding
    F003     Nature Celebration
    F002     Handkerchiefs
    F001     Recipe Friends

    R003    Reflecting Symbiotic Commons
    R002    Symbiotic Commons
    R001    Cooking New Materials

A006    Weiterbauen
  • Type:     Workshop and built objects
  • Year:     2020
  • Site:     Zehdenick, Germany
  • Client:   -
  • Collab:  Atelier Fanelsa and Patrick Eicke


While space is becoming increasingly expensive in cities, rural regions offer enough space for new design ideas. The many beautiful, undescribed places encourage dialogue with the landscape. Anyone who designs in the countryside is directly faced with the questions of real life: plants, animals, soil, paths, water, and weather; nature calls for clever concepts to consider themselves.

Together with the architecture practice Atelier Fanelsa and the visual artist Patrick Eicke, we developed furniture, landscape sketches, and food together in a workshop in the German countryside. In the participative process and in cooking and eating, we got to know each other and tested sustainable models of living and working in the countryside. During the week, I built furniture out of materials found on-site, cooked food with what we harvested ourselves and had conversations about simplicity in life.